Adi Tzanova

She can warm icy waters even if she has dived into the deepest ones. Stubborn, natural, passionate and daring, Adi Tzanova changes destinies and donates… health. At the age of 39, due to difficult life circumstances, she discovered her Ikigai (the meaning of life) and dedicated her days to "BE THE CHANGE!". For 7 years now, together with her husband Milen, she has been helping people fight and overcome cancer. You can never hear her saying phrases like…"I can't", "I don't want", "Not today". Instead she would use "Today, here and now. You are the change.” and “Anything is possible!”

Her motto: "Your choice today matters tomorrow" marks the beginning of the Path to change for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life". Adi and Milen Tzanovi are the authors of 5 books on health, bestsellers in the health literature in Bulgaria. She is also a triathlete with 7 titles as semi-iron woman from the most prestigious competition for triathletes - Ironman. She swims, bikes and runs with one single goal - to prove that health is for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Feminist at heart, mother, grandmother, wife and friend - her initiatives are solely in the name of human health.

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