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Jenia Lazarova

Jenia Lazarova is a neuroscientist, strategist, educator and entrepreneur. She challenges established paradigms in education through an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on scientific advances in developmental and cognitive neuroscience, emotion regulation, social and personality psychology.

Jenia holds a PhD from Oxford University in the neuroscience of learning, followed by a career at the Deloitte Public Policy and Strategy team in London. She is currently the founder and CEO of the first biometric laboratory in Bulgaria, Neuroeconomics Labs, which researches real-time experience and supports innovation in education, marketing, content production and product design.

Jenia is also the founder and co-author of Replantica, a social brand which supports reforestation and eco education. She enjoys outdoor sports such as horse riding, yoga, and hiking and used to be on the Oxford modern pentathlon team. On the stage of TEDxVitosha Women, Jenia will share her vision of modern education, which is neurodevelopmentally appropriate and supports the human needs for emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth.

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