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The mission to emphasize on the importance of women's health is what intertwined Lilyana Asenova and Dr. Ivan Vetsev’s pathways.

Lilyana was diagnosed with cervical cancer 25 years ago. Back then she was a young passionate rebel with a career in chemistry. Because of the choices she made her story turned out to have a happy ending. Lily stopped working for a period of four years in order to explore her deepest thoughts, she observed and educated herself. She changed her point of view and completely transformed her life. In 2003 she graduated from Ayurveda School in London with a focus on natural nutrition and diet. In addition, she established a non-governmental organization - National Association for Prevention of Cervical Cancer. Lily has participated in more than 80 seminars and campaigns, and has been preparing food for women undergoing chemotherapy for more than 10 years. Apart from being an expert in healthy eating, she is also a lecturer at the Vita Rama Health Center. She flew a hang glider and climbed high mountain peaks, all the while being an active grandmother. On the stage of TEDxVitosha Women, Lily will share her personal experience hoping to save other human lives.

"Life always finds a way if you are not afraid to live it". This is Dr. Ivan Vetsev’s motto and he proves it every day in his profession. He has a successful career in medicine, participates as a member in various civic organizations, and is currently Chairman of the Board of the National Patient Organization. He will join Lily on the stage of TEDxVitosha Women to support her story with his expertise and medical arguments.

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